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0030 2310 951505

Monday - Saturday 09:00 -14:00
Tuesday - Thurday - Friday 17:30 - 20:30

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Established in Thessaloniki in 2004 by experienced professionals,The Eyewear Company is engaged in import-export and distribution of optical ware. Τhe spectrum of business/products comprises:

- Full range of Organic Ophthalmic Lenses, including special orders

- Optical Frames (metal/acetate/plastic etc)

- Contact lenses

- Care Solutions for contact lenses (all-in-one and catalytic)

- Reading glasses

- Optical accessories (cleaning cloths, cleaning sprays etc)

- Sun lenses (classical and polarised)

All products are ISO & HACCP certified, coming from high calibre producers & suppliers.

Among our top products ranks Piiloset BioSoak, a biological multipurpose contact lenses care solution developed, produced and packed in Finlald by the top rated OY Finnsusp Ab -www.Piiloset.fi This is a highly efficient, easy- to- use and safe solution containing a biodegradable biological detergent which -apart from its cleaning, disinfecting and storage efficiency - makes it excellent for most sensitive or allergic eyes. OY Finnsusp Ab has recently launched the newer biological solution Piiloset BioTwin, containing hyalouronic acid -a result of company owned biotechnology-, which is especially intended for silicon hydrogel lenses.

The Eyewear Company pursues long term business relationships with high standing suppliers, customers and associates.